Managed Print Services (MPS)


Under our exclusive PrintGuardian program, MOT provides simple solutions to help you manage documents, devices and information assets. With these solutions, customers are able to achieve significant reduction in costs while recognizing environmental and productivity benefits.


PrintGuardian Managed Print Services (MPS) is one of these simple solutions and offers customized programs that provide remote monitoring, service, maintenance kits, toner cartridges, supplies and reporting for your output/print devices.


By implementing our PrintGuardian MPS program, companies can:

• Save as much as 20-40% of total hardcopy cost

• Significantly reduce hardcopy (printer, copier, and MFP) carbon emissions and landfill waste

• Free up valuable IT staff who were previously devoted to supporting printers




Proactive Network Services (PNS)

Proactive Network Services (PNS), also commonly known as Managed Network Services (MNS) or Managed  IT Services.

Under our PrintGuardian PNS program, we offer subscription-based maintenance services to detect and prevent network issues before they occur, enabling our clients servers, workstations and other network equipment to perform at peak levels with maximum uptime.


PrintGuardian PNS provides automated remote monitoring and maintenance of servers and workstations on your network as well as friendly, professional Help Desk support. PrintGuardian PNS is offered for a fixed monthly fee that is based on the number of devices (servers, workstations, etc) that are on your network.


PrintGuardian PNS provides powerful tools and resources that will monitor and maintain your servers and workstations, with minimal impact to your users. Typically, workstation users are often not even aware of its existence because of the use of non-invasive software programs that reside on workstations and servers, securely sending activity data directly to the service operations center, where activity is monitored and analyzed, detecting any possible issues and determining whether or not it can be remotely repaired before a real problem occurs. For instance, PrintGuardian PNS will automatically apply antivirus protection updates to all computers on the network so that there are no unforeseen network outages or slow-downs on user workstations.


The intelligent software tools continuously learn each client's unique network patterns and adapts the programs to maintain optimum performance for each individual client network.


We offer comprehensive, on-demand, web-based reporting that provides high level summary reports, as well as, more detailed reports that include information on device OS, installed applications, hardware, antivirus, anti-spyware and more.


PrintGuardian Proactive Network Services (PNS) provides our customers with peace of mind, knowing that their IT management tasks are being handled proactively (before an incident occurs across the entire network) by trained and certified technicians, for one fixed monthly fee.




Print IT Infrastructure Management Services

Assess your print technology infrastructure and improve ROI with our Print IT Infrastructure Management Service. This value-added service is designed to permit customers to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure, specifically related to printing. Through this service, MOT and our partner, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc. (CIIS), will take on responsibilities related to print servers, printer drivers, output device mapping, monitoring, configuration and network connectivity.


What is Included?

• Management and operation of a customer’s print servers.

• Establishment and implementation of a defined device naming convention for all print capable assets.

• Configuration, naming and connection of print capable devices to the customer network.

• Establishment of a web portal to be housed on the customer’s Intranet capable of being utilized by end users to download and install pre-configured print drivers for available devices (universal drivers to be utilized where practical).

• Physical mapping of all print capable devices within the customer’s network environment.

• Implementation software capable of monitoring network environment for removal/addition of print devices.

• Access to CIIS technical support during normal business hours (8am-8pm EST).


Who delivers the service?

The Print IT Infrastructure Management Service is delivered by CIIS specialists who possess, at a minimum, Microsoft® MC ITP Certification, with many also possessing certifications in the areas of document imaging and security.


How is the service delivered?

The Print IT Infrastructure Management service is delivered via remote access to the customer network. Customer’s will need to provide secure access to their network environment in a manner that enables CIIS personnel to access print servers, devices, and the customer’s Intranet.

Customer’s may also be required to provide CIIS with the ability to install remote management software on a clean server in their environment to facilitate device configuration and monitoring.



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