MOT is proud to be a Gold Authorized DocuWare Partner (ADP). DocuWare is an industry leading software company in the dynamic field of Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).


MOT's strong cooperative relationship with DocuWare and our ongoing commitment to maintain DocuWare certified sales and technical specialists on staff at all MOT locations solidifies our position as a market leader in DMS/ECM.


MOT offers customized DocuWare solutions for businesses of all sizes, from SMB to Enterprise, with our simple Discover, Design & Deploy consultative solutions development process.


Use our Solution Finder to identify solutions for various business processes, departments and applications. You can even download PDF documents that highlight solution features and benefits based on your unique business needs.


Use our ROI Calculator to identify typical return on investment (in both time and money) that our solutions can offer your business based on information you enter about your unique business environment.



About DocuWare

DocuWare is one of the world’s leading document management software companies. Its solutions are available in 70 countries and 16 languages, with over 125,000 users in approximately 14,000 installations. The company, founded in 1988, operates worldwide from Germering near Munich, Germany, and from New Windsor, New York, and Wallingford, Connecticut, with subsidiaries in the U.K., Spain and France.


Whether as a cloud or an on-premise solution, DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management. DocuWare's solutions are highly secure, scalable, flexible to integrate, and use future-proof technologies.


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