Document and Content Management Solutions


Documents and content are sorted logically then securrely stored in virtual file cabinetsDocument Management Systems (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions take valuable information and make it infinitely more useful by making it more accessible. All types of documents (print, fax, scan, email) and content (audio, video, chat, IM, photos, images, etc.) are all stored in one central document pool, whatever their source may be.


Whether your needs are best served by an on-site solution or a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, MOT has the industry's best software, solutions and professional services to ensure you get the right system for the right price.


With the help of intelligent technology, your business documents and content processes are automated at every step of the life cycle and your business information assets are kept word-for-word, indexed and sorted logically and stored safely with the highest level of security, encryption and access control. Authorized users can then access the documents with a few mouse clicks, at any time and from any place, even on web browsers and mobile devices.


Paper documents and files can be lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or end up in the wrong hands, potentially exposing your business to costly legal and regulatory liabilities and privacy violations. Don't let your documents and information work against you - instead put it to work for you with a document and content management solution from MOT. Access and manage your information from anywhere in the world, securely and confidently.


Documents and content are indexed for fast and easy access by authorized usersDocument and content management is a mature technology that has helped thousands of companies increase their profits and decrease their costs. Now is the time for you to profit from modern solutions from MOT.


DocuWare is a perfect fit for our PrintGuardian program because it is a simple to use, yet powerful document and content management system that can be scaled for businesses of all sizes ... from single user systems, to global enterprises with many users.








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