Commercial Imaging Services (CIS)


PrintGuardian Commercial Imaging Services (PG-CIS) is a comprehensive suite of imaging services designed to move business documents and information to new document and content management systems where they can be stored, indexed, secured and easily accessed by authorized parties.


PG-CIS Services include:

• Paper Backfile and Day-Forward Scanning

• Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning

• Legacy System Scanning and Conversions

• Media-to-Media Conversions

• Indexing and Post-Scan Processing


If you have a significant volume of old documents that have been stored on a variety of incompatible and outdated media, we can help.


If you have a steady flow of business-critical documents that need to be scanned, organized and indexed in a secure environment, we can help.


PG-CIS services are offered either on-site (at your location) or off-site at one of our secure processing centers. We have access to systems and software required to convert images from almost any current or outdated type of media.


Paper and Film Scanning

Our broad scanning capabilities allow you to focus on your core business. We can scan virtually any type of color or black and white document — from receipts and index cards to large maps and engineering drawings. We also scan microfilmed documents including roll film, microfiche, and aperture cards.


Image and Data Conversion Services

We offer the experience and expertise to provide a seamless media conversion to migrate existing images and metadata to a new document management system. We support a wide range of industry-standard and vendor specific formats — and we perform conversions with minimal impact on your existing IT resources.


Turnkey Project Management

We assign experienced project managers and dedicated operations personnel to each PG-CIS project. Our Project Managers mitigate risk, while successfully implementing procedures to help ensure successful completion of projects — on time and on budget.


Security and Confidentiality

Our document management procedures and processing centers are designed to help provide the necessary security throughout the life of the project. Each employee completes a background check, submits to periodic drug tests and signs a confidentiality agreement. Advanced encryption technologies provide strong logical security, and strict security processes provide detailed audit trails. Customer documents and data, in both electronic and hardcopy form, are protected by multilevel “chain of custody” security systems that feature the latest in encryption and firewall technology. Robust disaster recovery systems help protect customer documents and data from unexpected interruptions.

On-Site and Off-Site Conversion Services

The Secure Document Processing Centers and dedicated on-site operation teams ensure the personal attention you expect from a trusted local resource. At the same time, our global strength helps ensure business continuity and flawless execution of all projects.


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