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Since 1960, MOT has been providing the finest business technology solutions and unparalleled service and support throughout our extensive service areas in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.


As an industry leader, we are committed to ongoing investments in education, technology, tools and resources to continue to provide maximum value to our clients of all sizes and across all industries. We are passionate about what we do and have earned many awards and recognitions for our achievements over the past five decades. Every day, the MOT team works hard to pioneer new solutions and set industry benchmarks and standards.


Here at MOT, we understand that no two businesses are the same and our client's find our consultative approach to be refreshing in an industry saturated with many choices of hardware and software providers, some of which may be more focused on equipment speeds, feeds and clicks than they are on empowering you with comprehensive technology solutions that can help you overcome challenges and grow your business.


For more than 50 years, we have been dedicated to developing simple solutions with powerful results, with products, services and support that are customized for each clients unique business needs. Our experience and leadership ensures that you have a business partner that strives to provide maximum value by thoroughly understanding your business document, device and information environment.


We pledge to look beyond the simple speeds and feeds of your printing devices and clicks, or number of pages printed, to what every document really means to your business. We understand that it's the information that is on the document that matters most to you and your business.


Our goal is in everything that we do... Making Your Office Work Easier.


Thank you for stopping by. From the menu, you can browse our products, services and brands, as well as learn more about us. We invite you to visit one of our locations or contact us to see how we may be of assistance to your business.





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